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Making sustainable choices

We are mainly focused on the transition to land-based farming in North America where upwards of 95% of all U.S. salmon is imported. There is a great opportunity to create local salmon production that is not transported long distances and is wild-friendly. Having local salmon production reduces dependence on long supply chains crossing international borders that are vulnerable to disruptions.

We know it is challenging to stay informed about sustainable food choices and ideally retailers, restaurants, and eco-labels will make this easier over time. Active participation is an essential part of protecting wild rivers and wild salmon. You are taking the first step by learning about the issues outlined on this website. Consider the following to help out more:

  • Share this website with others through email and social media.

  • Ask for land-based salmon products in stores and restaurants.

  • Purchase products from land-based salmon companies


As consumers, you can ask for land-based salmon products wherever you get seafood, and encourage friends and family to do the same. The map below shows retailers that offer land-based salmon products.

Where to buy land-raised salmon

Search the map below

Click on a marker to see more details about that retailer and where to buy their products.

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The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) is a world-leading science and advocacy organization dedicated to conserving and restoring wild Atlantic salmon.


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