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Try RAS salmon

Consumers can now purchase salmon raised in land-based, recirculating aquaculture systems from a number of different companies


Sustainable Blue

Centre Burlington, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sustainable Blue, located in Nova Scotia, is a land-based, closed-loop, saltwater salmon aquaculture facility. Their mission was to create a sustainable fishery that discharges absolutely zero effluent back into the environment and they did just that; the fish waste from Sustainable Blue is filtered from the water, taken to a methane digester, and converted to electricity. 

Sustainable Blue prides themselves on their closed-loop system, which results in zero escapes, zero antibiotics, zero growth hormones, and zero wastewater. Their operation is now ready to scale, allowing them to work towards meeting the growing demand for sustainably raised salmon.

Check out this map to see where you can purchase Sustainable Blue products near you!

Learn more about Sustainable Blue by visiting their website here.


Sustainable Blue has many tanks where they raise salmon.

Superior Fresh

Northfield, Wisconsin, United States

Superior Fresh is an 800-acre farm located in Central Wisconsin. While the idea was founded in 2012, it took a while to flesh out the concept and link organically certified leafy greens to Atlantic salmon. They were able to break ground in 2016. Their organic certified salad greens hit the market in 2017 and their Atlantic salmon have been in the market since 2018.

Salmon is the top fish consumed in the US, with a rapid increase in consumption in the past 15 years. Superior Fresh began with the goal of producing healthy and environmentally friendly options. Today, Superior Fresh employs over 100 people, from engineers to salespeople to folks working on the farms. Their products are sold in over 20 states, 500 restaurants, and 2,000 retail stores.


Check out this map to see where you can buy Superior Fresh products near you!

Learn more about Superior Fresh by visiting their website here.

The Superior Fresh farm.

Land-raised salmon near you

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