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Leaving a legacy of wild rivers and wild salmon for future generations

All levels of government can play an important role in the regulation of aquaculture salmon production. Until recently, it was difficult to respond to the many problems with open net-pen salmon production, but now there are commercially viable solutions available. Salmon aquaculture companies have done very well over the past decade or more with high prices of salmon, putting them in a position to invest in new technologies.


Some governments have not opened up new areas to salmon aquaculture (moratoriums), closed some existing areas, and may not renew licenses, effectively banning net-pen salmon aquaculture in the future.


This regulation provides a minimum bar that all aquaculture productions must clear, and governments should raise the bar where solutions exist to address environmental problems. This will create a more level playing field for competing technologies, stimulate investment, increase workforce development, and maintain access to buyers and markets that may begin to close for net-pen producers.

Working with land-based producers, retailers, and restaurants is important to ensure regulatory approaches support sustainable local food systems (see map below). Helping to conserve healthy wild rivers and wild salmon populations is a prime legacy for the public to enjoy for many generations.

All levels of government across different countries already have dual roles in supporting and regulating aquaculture operations. Governments support aquaculture for the jobs, revenues, and taxes that are generated, but they must also protect the environment, ensure health and safety for workers and consumers, and uphold commerce and trade rules.


Government staff and leadership should consider the following to help advance sustainability and economic objectives within your jurisdiction:

  • Share this website with key personnel in your organization.

  • Contact us to arrange a meeting to determine how we can help.

  • Examine the detailed information on government roles in supporting land-based salmon aquaculture.

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