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Retail stores and restaurants

Making sustainable choices

Retail stores, restaurants, and hotel chains have been very influential in moving seafood and aquaculture production toward sustainability. Whether it is due to shareholder environment, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, consumer demand, or company ethos, many have turned to ethically and sustainably sourced seafood suppliers. This in turn pushes the food producers to meet buyer criteria expressed through eco-labels or through audits and traceability systems.


Current land-based salmon production capacity can only meet a small percentage of market demand, but this will be much larger in five to ten years as large facilities are being built in Canada and the U.S. Getting ready now and positioning your company to secure long-term supply of land-based salmon is important as consumer awareness grows and they shift their purchasing over to sustainable local salmon.

Initially all retailers and restaurants will start to provide their customers with some land-based salmon products. Over time more stores and restaurants will provide exclusively local land-based salmon products. Many retail stores are making commitments to sustainable food supply and restaurants are proudly serving environmentally conscious meals to their customers. We want to support these initiatives and work with you to secure land-based salmon for your needs. You can help by following the steps below:

  • Share this website with key personnel in your company.

  • Contact us to arrange a meeting to determine how we can help.

  • Purchase products from land-based salmon companies

We are primarily focused on North America at the moment and the following shows where you can get land-based salmon from producers.

Where to buy land-raised salmon

Search the map below

Click on a marker to see more details about that retailer and where to buy their products.

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The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) is a world-leading science and advocacy organization dedicated to conserving and restoring wild Atlantic salmon.


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