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Salmon farmers

Providing sustainable salmon products

We are currently focused on North American land-based salmon farming where there is a big opportunity to displace imported products, primarily air-shipped netpen salmon from Europe and Chile.

Netpen producers may start by investing in one land-based system to replace the production capacity of some netpens that are most problematic. Building on success and experience, future transition to land-based production will replace additional netpen operations. Companies must consider deteriorating social licence for netpen operations, the regulatory pressure that will rise, while consumers, retailers, and restaurants switch over to more sustainable land-based salmon (map below). Maintaining access to premium buyers, reducing regulatory burden, and avoiding netpen operational challenges will keep your business on a sound path.

There are many opportunities for existing and new aquaculture sector operators with salmon growing expertise, technical expertise needed to operate land-based systems, and sales and marketing experience.

[Insert searchable map/list with other retailers/restaurants and prominently marked land-based producers - will be driven by land-based producers and lists of their buyers]

[Repeat means of sharing website with key company personnel, and how to set up meeting with ASF]

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Where to buy land-raised salmon

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